At a very young age, I lost my mother to self-inflicted violence—suicide by gunshot to the head—a tragic event that started my compassion for victims. Still, as a young boy having to cope with the loss of my mother, I persevered. Raised by my father and extended family members, I learned the importance of hard work and making smart choices in life. Instead of gangs, I veered towards sports. Instead of drugs, I chose education. Ultimately, though, rather than choosing to be a victim of my circumstances, I chose to harness my inner strength and the lessons of my father and be a strong voice for those who had been victimized.

Since that time, I have gained over 30 years of experience in public service, from being elected the first Hispanic District Attorney in the County of San Bernardino, to my longstanding position as board member of the California Victim Compensation Board. I have served as President of the California District Attorneys Association and I am the former President of the National District Attorneys Association.

I am an experienced and energetic candidate who understands the importance of hard work to accomplish the task at hand. Seeking justice on behalf of victims is something I have carried out for decades. I have never taken this position for granted. Not once. If reelected, I promise to work just as hard as I always have for the citizens of San Bernardino County.
— Mike Ramos, San Bernardino County District Attorney

CAREER Overview

  • In 2011, elected to represent the State of California on the National District Attorneys Association Board of Directors (NDAA)
  • In July 2016, elected President of NDAA (Served one year term from 2016-17)
  • Currently serving as chair of NDAA’s Committee for Corrections and Prison Re-entry
  • M.A.D.D. Prosecutor of the Year Award (1998)
  • Inland Empire Hispanic Image Awards recipient for Influential Latino of the Year (2005)
  • Earned Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of California in Riverside in 1980
  • Began government service in 1980 as a group counselor with the Probation Department and then later became a Probation Officer
  • Appointed to Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board January 2004 by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Served from 2004-2018.
  • Former President of the California District Attorneys Association
  • Redlands school board member from 1995 – 2002
  • Appointed by Governor Jerry Brown in 2011 to the Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (POST)
  • Earned Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Citrus Belt Law School in Riverside in 1988
  • Started career with the District Attorney’s Office in June 1989 as a Deputy District Attorney. After working in general prosecution and the narcotics unit, served with the Major Crimes Unit for four years.