I first met Mike Ramos when he was the Deputy DA assigned to my father’s murder case in 2001. It was a difficult Cold Case, but he ultimately prevailed at trial and the murderer was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. As District Attorney, he created the Lifer Parole Unit to make sure that convicted murderers, like the inmate who killed my dad, stay in prison. His office continues to support victims and their family members, long after the crime had been committed.
— Russell M. Perry, Attorney and Victims' Rights Advocate
“As District Attorney of San Bernardino County, you have demonstrated unequaled leadership during your terms in office. Your unparalleled commitment to the men and women in law enforcement who serve their communities in San Bernardino and throughout California is to be commended.”
— Mark Brewster, President of California Narcotic Officers’ Association (CNOA)
Mike Ramos is a leader with a bold voice willing to stand up for victims’ rights. As District Attorney, he has fought hard against gangs, tackled public corruption and worked collaboratively behind the scenes to prevent future victims.
— James Ramos, San Bernardino County Supervisor
As a result of Mike’s relentless dedication, leadership and commitment to victims and their families we successfully campaigned to stop another assault on California’s death penalty system
— Anne Marie Schubert, Sacramento County District Attorney and Co-Chair of the Death Penalty Reform Initiative