The Current System Is Broken, and It Could and Should Be Fixed...

In response to today's article in the Sacramento Bee that notes support for the death penalty is slipping, it's important to point out that several members from law enforcement and victims' groups are currently working hard to fix the current system.

Field Poll: Death penalty support slips in California

As District Attorney, the decision to pursue the death penalty is perhaps the single most difficult decision that I have to make. To condemn someone to death is the ultimate punishment, and it is reserved for those who commit the worst imaginable crimes.

But as I have already said, the current system is broken, and it could and should be fixed. I am currently the Chair of the Death Penalty Initiative Reform Committee, and we are working hard to apply common sense reforms, so we can ensure that the convicted receive their constitutional rights to a fair and speedy appeals process.

Sadly, for the victims’ family members it takes far too long for convicted criminals to move through the justice system.

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