Louisiana man convicted of Human Trafficking of a Minor faces life in prison

For the past six years my office has fought hard to secure justice for victims of human trafficking. Yesterday's conviction was yet another reminder of the great work that can be accomplished when we work together to not only uncover this type of crime, but work at making sure these criminals never prey on our victims again.

The details surrounding this case are despicable. This is outright modern day slavery. In the eyes of traffickers, victims are nothing more than a reusable commodity. We will continue to prosecute these monsters and hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law.
— District Attorney Mike Ramos

In 2013, Mincey was pimping the 17-year-old victim in Louisiana and decided to bring her to California to make more money. After their arrival, he began posting her ads on various prostitution websites.

Both Mincey and the victim had been staying in a motel room together. One night he woke up and found that she wasn’t in bed beside him. She was by the door using her cell phone. This angered the defendant and he beat her severely.

According to Deputy District Attorney Melissa Rodriguez, who prosecuted the case, the victim crawled under the bed and Mincey told her to come out and “take her licks like a woman.”

“He strangled her to the point that she almost lost consciousness,” Rodriguez said. “After he beat her, he told her he was sorry and that he was acting like his dad.”

The victim later testified that she didn’t want to work for him anymore but that he told her it was too late.

A few days after that beating, a truck driver saw her working as a prostitute at a truck stop in Ontario. The driver called the police because her eyes were pitch red (from the petechial hemorrhaging) and he was concerned.

Ontario Police responded and went to the motel room the two of them shared. Mincey was nowhere to be found.

A few weeks later Mincey was contacted in Fontana after he applied for welfare benefits. When he showed up for his appointment, he was arrested.

“Unfortunately, there was a new victim that was with him,” said Rodriguez. “She was 18-years-old and had recently met the defendant on a bus. He convinced her to work for him as a prostitute and she too was posted on the internet and taken to various tracks to work.”

A track is an area of town commonly known for prostitution activity.

While on one track, the latest victim was picked up by another pimp. That pimp spoke to Mincey and explained that his girl was in his territory and that she was going to be beaten.

As a result, the pimp whose territory had been invaded raped the 18-year-old victim in his car and then returned her to Mincey. Once they returned to the room, Mincey forced her to strip down and hang onto the shower bar in the bathroom. He then beat her with a belt.

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