My response to the ABA President in regards to Kevin Cooper and the integrity of our office

In a recent letter to Gov. Brown the president of the American Bar Association urged him to grant clemency to notorious Chino Hills convicted killer Kevin Cooper. Here is my response:

Kevin Cooper is the perfect example of how dysfunctional the appellate process is and how it is being abused by those on Death Row in California. He has appealed multiple times to each the California Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court, and each time our case gets stronger. I am disgusted by the comments made by the President of the American Bar Association and the fact that they show no concern or respect for the victims and their families in this case. Kevin Cooper committed the most horrendous crimes imaginable against the victims while they were in the sanctity of their home. He killed a family and two little children, and left their family members to suffer a lifetime of pain. The American Bar Association has no business commenting on a case in San Bernardino County and calling into question the integrity of this office. Let me be clear that this office will continue fighting for the families who lost their loved ones at the hands of California’s most violent criminals. For them, the pain never ends.
— District Attorney Mike Ramos


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