District Attorney Ramos receives the endorsement from Crime Survivors Founder and CEO, Patricia Wenskunas 


Mike Ramos announced today receiving the endorsement of Patricia Wenskunas, Founder and CEO of Crime Survivors for his reelection campaign to become San Bernardino County District Attorney.

“It is my distinct honor and pleasure to give my unwavering support and endorsement to long-time victims’ rights leader Mike Ramos in his reelection race for San Bernardino County District Attorney,” said Wenskunas. “Mike has distinguished himself over the years as a staunch advocate for victims, survivors, families, and for public safety. I know he will continue to support victims’ rights while balancing the scales of justice. District Attorney Ramos has proven to be a great leader because he has great integrity and character. Please join me in supporting Mike Ramos in his reelection for San Bernardino County District Attorney."

Patricia Wenskunas adds her name to a growing endorsement list of victims’ rights advocates and San Bernardino County’s top law enforcement officials, including Sheriff John McMahon and every Chief of Police. District Attorney Ramos has also been endorsed by the Redlands Police Officers Association, Ontario Police Officers’ Association, Fontana Police Officers Association and the Inland Chapter of Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC).

“I am honored to have the trust and support of Patricia Wenskunas, Founder and CEO of Crime Survivors,” said Ramos. “Patricia has been a leader in providing advocacy and support on behalf of victims for many years.”


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