Ontario and Redlands Police Officers Associations Endorse Re-Election of District Attorney Mike Ramos

The Mike Ramos for District Attorney 2018 campaign announced today the endorsements of the Ontario Police Officers Association and the Redlands Police Officers Association.

The Ontario Police Officer Association (OPOA) represents 211 members of the Ontario Police Department.

"Now more than ever, we need an experienced District Attorney, such as yourself, who has the vast knowledge of criminal law, and who has consistently demonstrated both competency and a tenacity to deal swift punishments to criminals," said John Franks, president of the Ontario POA. "Law enforcement officers and the citizens of this county are lucky to have your consistent support and voice."

District Attorney Ramos received a second endorsement from the Redlands Police Officers Association.

"Based on our: comprehensive internal and/or interview process; your comments to us and meeting, career and as the current incumbent; former prosecutor and local resident; qualifications; our own inquiries and recommendations from others and members in the area; viable campaign and more -- have led us to endorse your candidacy and re-election in 2018," said Patrick Lewis, president of the Redlands Police Officers Association (RPOA). "We asked and were told by SEBA and others we may endorse you early (and strongly), since many and all in the law enforcement family share the importance of this county office."

Both endorsements can be read in their entirety at www.joinmikeramos.com/endorsements.