RECENT NEWS: San Bernardino County remembers crime victims, DA announces new unit to help schools

The District Attorney also took the opportunity to announce the formation of a new prosecution unit called the Prevention and Intervention Unit, which will dedicate seven prosecutors to school districts countywide to help kids before they get into trouble. And these prosecutors won’t just be attending meetings, they’re going to get involved in programs, Ramos said.

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What makes this program even more unique is that it is funded with unclaimed victim restitution funds. When criminal offenders are ordered to pay compensation to victims and the funds are unclaimed, the funds are then transferred into a special account that is designated for services to victims of crime.
— Mike Ramos, District Attorney

Sometimes just being in the physical courtroom itself can be stressful for kids. And then when you factor in the content of what they may have to discuss in their testimony, overall, it can be a traumatic experience. Asking a child to recall horrific details in a courtroom full of strangers, with his or her abuser staring from across the room, is a painful and sometimes embarrassing situation.

Our main goal is to greatly reduce the understandable fears that a child has about entering the courtroom. Doing so is beneficial to everybody involved because when the child is calm and feeling more confident, it is likely that we can more effectively obtain justice.
As District Attorney I created our Special Victims K-9 Unit (SVK9U), which will ultimately help us better serve our most vulnerable victims, our children. Say hello to our two facility dogs, Lupe and Dozer (pictured above).

Gang Resistance Intervention Partnership (GRIP)

I know from my years in law enforcement in and out of the courtroom, that if we only focus on adult offenders, we will never effectively address the crime problem. Most adult criminals started by getting into trouble as juveniles and eventually dropping out of school. It is in those early years when we have the best chance of steering them back on course.
— Mike Ramos, District Attorney

The Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership is taught by the school's security officers to second- and fifth-graders over a period of several weeks. Over the course of this time, instructors address the dangers of gangs. Since its inception approximately 4,000 students have graduated from the program.

Our curriculum which we created focuses on the dangers of gangs and drugs, positive choices and respect for others and property. The second and fifth grade courses are taught over a 5-week period once a week.

The program also has a parent component. We hold parent meeting once a month that incorporate several schools within the district where the classes are taught. We have speakers attend and provide various presentations during the meetings. Topics are selected to assist parents in combating gangs, violence, truancy, crime and other areas that affect their children.

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Camp Good Grief

This is a model that I believe can be used statewide and across the United States of America. If you really want to do something about prevention and intervention we really need that partnership with the health community and we have the model here that we would be more than willing to share with anyone.
— Mike Ramos, District Attorney

Camp Good Grief: Special Victims Program is a three-day grief camp for children and teens whose lives have been shattered due to an act of murder or suicide.

Our office, in partnership with Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, offers this unique three day camp that provides a relaxed, supportive and safe environment for children to enjoy the typical activities of a summer camp, as well as to have opportunities to work with professionals to share their feelings related to their loss, learn new ways to cope, and interact with other children and teens in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

This year we will be teaching our campers the game of golf and how to use the sport as an aid in their healing process. Watch the following trailer:

Let's End Truancy (LET)

A ten percent increase in graduation rates would reduce murder and assault rates by about twenty percent.
— Mike Ramos, District Attorney

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids

Successful students generally make productive, law-abiding citizens in the long run. If we don’t invest in education programs now, we’ll have to pay more to incarcerate later.
— Mike Ramos, District Attorney
 District Attorney Mike Ramos, joined by the non-partisan, anti-crime organization Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California and law enforcement leaders reads to elementary school children at Lankershim Elementary School in San Bernardino.

District Attorney Mike Ramos, joined by the non-partisan, anti-crime organization Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California and law enforcement leaders reads to elementary school children at Lankershim Elementary School in San Bernardino.

The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office takes truancy very seriously. We know that it is often the “gateway” to juvenile delinquency and, later, more serious adult crime. Making sure that kids go to school and stay in school is very important to me for two reasons.

One is because as District Attorney of San Bernardino County I want kids to stay out of trouble and out of the court system. The best way to do this is by making sure kids stay in school.  The second reason is that, since I served seven years on the Redlands’ School Board, I know how important a good education is to a child’s future. Children are our most important resource.

As a proud parent and grandparent, I know that it’s up to us as adults to see that our children get the best education available. Students, it’s up to you to stay in school so that you are ready to lead us into the future.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids is a national crime prevention organization comprised of more than 5,000 police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, state attorneys general and violence survivors.

I have been a member since 2003 and currently serves on the organization’s Executive Committee. As a research-based organization, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids advocates for programs proven most effective in preventing crime, reducing child abuse and neglect, and helping get troubled kids back on track.

Despite decades of growing research proving what works, inadequate investments leave millions of children needlessly at risk of becoming delinquent teens and violent adults while putting every American at greater risk of becoming a victim of crime.

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